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After spending years trying to best capture with my camera that which visible and thus in synch with my senses, upon arrival In Bangkok, I came across some Buddhist monks that were praying for their lost Patriarch and while do so, they were creating intricate colorful Mandalas. Their profound concentration and devotion hit a cord in my soul and I embarked on a research to create a series of “pure” images that could evoke the infinite/infinitesimal moment of Nirvana while depriving the senses the umbilical cord to something familiar and thus detrimental to the process.

This series of images strives to depict the process of positive meditative emptiness in its various dimensions. Though created by mechanical means (in this case, my camera) they have been altered to invite the viewer to a series of visual Escher-like peregrinations in order to arrive to the inner depths of his/her thoughts and experience the purity of his/her thoughts. Unlike the series of exercises prescribed by the holy books, the images here are free of prejudices and dogmas… they are pure and unadulterated. The interpretations vary with each viewer’s psychological and emotional state but the end result is the apotheosis of the Platonic idea of the soul and being.

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