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We live in a world that is trying to globalize everything and come to terms with that which is different by altering its structure and meaning and pouring it into ready-made experiences for all. All complicated spiritual elements are removed (sterilized) so as not to create discomfort to the urbanites and the remaining elements are refitted to the needs of the city dwellers who then receive their sense of culture inside their air conditioned abodes. Yet in their sterilized, air-conditioned, junk-food filled senses, there is an inkling / glimpse of something connecting to a distant past, lost in their DNA. It is a sense of primitive awe that has been masked by the bombardment of visual messages flashing everywhere with increasing rate..

UrbanEthnic is a series of interpretations of Ethnic cultures in modern terms using the vocabulary of fashion and imagination. It is an Aristophanian approach to a search for a spiritual meaning to life.   Given that the transmission of the past to the present is no longer done by the old people of a tribe,  the new generation seeks to commune with their DNA anxiety by donning a series of random Ethnic elements and tattoos creating in the process, a cultural confusion,  Thus while searching for a real experience, they tend to create a visual incongruity of unreality.

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